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Day Four – 2017

Prompt: Create something using disposable plastic bags as your primary material.
“…studies have also found that the longer you stay at work, the more important it is to get outside of the office, even if it’s just for a few minutes, because creativity can take a hit when you don’t change environments.”

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Day Three – 2017

Prompt: Combine 2 things that you would not typically put together.

Create a game or contest at work…hmmm…introducing…

“Weekly Wordsmith”
Players: Unlimited
365 New Words-A-Year Page-A-Day Calendar
Old scrabble letter pieces – W, O, R, D & S
1 Old scrabble tray
Gold spray paint
Small pies of green felt
Wood glue
Excel Spreadsheet
Mutually agreed upon reward

Create a weekly trophy to display on the winners’ desk by gluing the old scrabble pieces to the tray (Optional: spray paint it gold and attach green felt to the bottom)
Post the 365 New Words-A-Year Page-A-Day Calendar in a central location.
Set up an excel spreadsheet with all players names to track the daily and weekly winners.

How To Play:
Post the 365 New Words-A-Year Page-A-Day Calendar in a central location.
Whoever can use the word the most through the day in emails is the daily winner.
Whoever has the most daily wins gets to display the trophy for the following week on their desk.
Tally and reward winner monthly or quarterly.

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Day Two – 2017

“Make something representing the origins or meanings of your name.”
The meaning of Laverne is “Like the Spring”
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Day One – 2017

Let’s get started!

“Make something that fits in the palm of your hand using only the materials in your immediate environment.”

It’s time to Sprint again. If you’re not sure what this means, check out this website:

Work 🏢 is a big part of my life. I take pride in what I do and I’m always striving to do well✔️. But work shouldn’t be boring 😐or dull😶. It shouldn’t be mundane and rote. Why not add a splash of life💐, color💚, creativity🎨 into something we do every day? Why not let it help us win👸🏽? And by winning I don’t mean first place🥇, I mean creating a happy, successful, enjoyable and workspace.☮️

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Day 31

Initially, I thought that it might be tough finding 30 different ways to help others each day. The prompts made some days easy and others much harder. I thought the prompt for day 28 to create a monster would be the hardest…how could I find a charity related to monsters? It in spite of the initial concern I was able to find one!  

The prompt that made me just giggle with joy was the one for day 3, although my satisfaction was delayed until the 15th. On the 3rd I created a fun bag for my Toys for Tots donations with an Edelweiss flower (in honor of the song my mom sang to me at night as a kid). However I had to wait until the 15th…pay day…to shop for the contents…and boy did I shop!!! I love Barbies and so I spent a couple of hours in Target and WalMart picking out just the right ones to donate!  

On day 10 I hoped to have lots of my friends read my coded message and help me finish the task for the day by sharing the names of their favorite charities. I even placed a cap so that they wouldn’t completely empty my wallet. But to my surprise and dismay, only two people shared. Now keep in mind I wasn’t asking them to donate, but to allow me to make a donation in their honor….hmmm….

Overall I was very pleased that I was able to complete this challenge. I went into it knowing that I could not easily sustain that level of giving on a daily basis (at least not right now) but hoped to find one or two charities with which I could develop a lasting relationship. And I did! I plan to spend time working with the Central VA Chapter of Dress for Success and a bonus charity that I came across this month called Heathy Heart Plus II: Mommies, Bellies, Babies and Daddies. (See the trunk full of diapers and wipes I can’t wait to drop off!)

So the one thing I learned…

If I can give for 31 days straight, I can find time and/or money to donate at least one once or twice a month on a regular basis! 

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Day 30

“Create a tropy or other award for yourself!”While some people feel pride is a bad thing, I am proud of myself for helping others during this #CreativeSprint. I have been trying to figure out how to give back to others, even though some days I wish I had someone helping me. This project/assignment/challenge and the theme that I selected made me look beyond my own selfishness on a daily basis. I am so glad that I did. So my reward is a hug for me, 

a hug for others through a donation to @FreeHugsProject 

and a commitment to continue to help others beyond this 30 day challenge. Want to know how? Check out my bonus sprint tomorrow! 

#HugsForEveryone #RoseGoldPearl #4MenAndABoss #VCUEMBA2017 #VCUBizCreate #ShowYourArt #Day30

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Day 29

“Ask someone you respect to look through your past month’s work and select their favorite one. Revise or refine the work they selected for today’s task.”
My best friend selected my Day 4 sprint…Create something inspired by the weather. I chose to donate jeans to the Denim Drive for Goodwill at my daughter’s school. This clothes donation was designed to help someone find work and to support a child. So in the vein of that theme, today’s sprint is a donation of my time to @DressForSuccessCVA

I can directly assist someone who is supporting a child by being prepared to secure a job through this program. Ok this might be a stretch…but I think it will work!

#GetReady  #RoseGoldPearl #4MenAndABoss #VCUEMBA2017 #VCUBizCreate #ShowYourArt #Day29

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Day 28

Make a monster for #Monstober!
Today I am helping to destroy a monster! Cancer is just that, a monster that can wreck havoc on a person and all aspects of their life. I was inspired to give to @StompTheMonster after reading Seth’s story. Check it out at 

#StompTheMonster #Monstober #RoseGoldPearl #4MenAndABoss #VCUEMBA2017 #VCUBizCreate #ShowYourArt #Day28

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Day 27

I love Norman the Robot! Remnants by RJ has been very creative using Norman and his friends during our current #CreativeSprint. So today I am using this inspiration to donate to Norman’s favorite charity Habitat for Humanity. Check out the your local Habitat chapter and determine how you can help as well! @HabitatRVA

#NormansHabitat #RoseGoldPearl #4MenAndABoss #VCUEMBA2017 #VCUBizCreate #ShowYourArt #Day27